6 November 2011

Things I want to do

Well, since it is the beginning of the month, I came up with a few things I want to do /slash/ buy.
Then, also, I sadly have to do my own bit of accounting to preserve my finances.

- First of all, I really, quickly, need to get a new pair of everyday shoes, possibly some cool ones I can use when I go out; the only other pair I've got left (the others broke) are the ones I use to go to work. Since I probably will not buy two pairs, they have to be good looking enough to go out and still be used everyday.
-Buy books. I've got to feed my mind and my bookcase, even though my parents will bring me some more. Possibly read them in the original language.
-Get it going with theatre work. Final year show is coming up and in fact as soon as I finish posting this I will review my lines, review the work..it's 11pm and I don't have much time left until I need to go to bed.
-Organize some bit of travelling...I just haven't done ANYTHING for a while (or at least I feel it's been too long)..just even for a weekend or something.

-Get rid of pointless fears. I'm doing fairly good at the moment, like, turning the leaf. I'm ready to give things another chance, from a different point of view, maybe.

Well, let's shoot off, I hope the week starts well without major troubles at work!

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  1. Adding to the list:

    _ a short-sleeved shirt, good to go out but also to go to work with a fashionable look

    _ an iron to iron my shirts (well it's not something I want, rather something I need...)

    _buy contact lenses: I´m running on empty at the moment...they're quite expensive though :|