1 November 2011

Hi, dear

Hi, dear
it's me.
I don't really know what to say to you.
Maybe that you're fun and you know it
but after all it's just for a day or two.

Have you ever felt the fear
of not being accepted?
Once we know
we're born alone
live alone
and die alone,
somewhere along our lifetime
that anguish worns out.
Or so I hope.

Hi dear
Just please
don't make me feel again
the fear for your words,
the fear of having you pissed off,
the fear of being left alone,
if you don't like me anymore

For if we are already alone,
we shall not fear to be alone.

Hi dear
Just please
don't make me feel again
like I need to go
in that filthy motel room again

Though, sadly:
some memories are there
not to be forgotten.

I wish I really had a reason for living.
I wish happiness was the reason.

I want to find my path
and dock at the quiet harbour.

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