2 November 2011

Some people have it tough

Sometimes, on odd days, I stop and realise: how tough some people have it.
Say, this coworker (which accidentally seems to be the most decent person in the office) who works the same shift as I do, goes to the university and studying a demanding degree such as architecture, AND has to take care, together with a sister, of a younger brother who lives with them while the parents live in her home city of Gualeguaychú.
It makes me think about what certain people have to endure and that I don't have any of that...but also that they have their life goals sorted out, at least for a while, while at this moment in time, I am really empty of ideas, passions, will, thrust, etc. I guess my life, for the first time ever, came to a stop and I can't get it started in matter of days, obviously.

On a side note, my parents decided to come around again..which seriously pisses me off, considering their patronising behaviour and that surely they'll come around wanting to discuss things about my future. How on Earth could their stay change something in my current passage of life? Can I not allow myself a little bit more time to reflect before they start pressing again on my future? If they come down to see whether I am ok, I am happy, well, then: don't come, because I'm not, and the fact that they come to stay here 5 days is not going to change anything in that respect.

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