22 November 2011


So, tomorrow I should get my DNI (Argentine National ID for foreigners). After just about a year and a month (my slowness and bureaucracy's slowness). Way to go! They decided to come around on one of those few days of the week when I'm never at home (came back at 1.30am after watching a film and dining with the Italians and then, later for a coke at a fast-food -I didn't want any- with the Peruvians), basically monday and tuesday. The superintendent of the apartment block (portero) somehow wasn't there to pick it up for me when the private mail service came around...I'm going to pick it up personally, tomorrow morning!

Although I'm happy about this thing in particular, I realised I am not making more Argentine friends! The newest people I've met or gone out with are either Italian or Peruvian. Ok, I've got the bunch of guys from theatre classes, yet we haven't really met outside classes. Got invited to a club party by this classmate (alongside other hundreds)...oh hang on, she's French. Such a hottie, she's modeling too...but she's just as hot in person and she's really friendly too. Well and smart, I must assume, since she just passed the BAC exam (quite a tough one! tougher than the Maturità in Italy; and incomparably tougher than Argentine high school's last year exams). And she's 18 haha. Way out of my league, to be fair. She'll be going back to France in a matter of months to go to uni wohoo! Fun times, uni!

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