12 November 2011


I need a shower quickly.
Somehow I feel filthy.
Quite frustrated.
I had to do so many things this afternoon (aside from following Berlusconi's exit) yet I could not do a thing because I had a beer too many at lunch and slept through the whole afternoon.
Add to it the frustration over the fact that the phone company Telecom Argentina is just pure incompetence (they sent my telephone bill to another province, duh!), the fact that no jobs are coming in at work (which means someone will have to be fired soon) and that I'm dating my gf again, but certain feelings don't go away...

Gosh, why do I have to be so complicated, so wound up with such little details...I was watching Dr.House on the telly, and I came to realise I didn't get over the trauma (let's call it that way) of my father being hospitalised...and that was ages ago!!! It still makes me feel anguished although he's fine now.
And every little thing which does not go right with my gf upsets me a lot...
There really are certain days when I do not like myself, and I guess nobody can blame me for that!

At least I feel angry and not depressed, ha.

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