17 November 2011

Mixed updates

Wow, I can't really keep on wasting my body like this for much longer. I've binge-drinking for the past week and god knows I feel intoxicated; I've never drunk as much in my entire life, up to the point of not remembering exactly what I drank last night. I do manage to hold it better and I do not make a fool of myself in public (contrary to what other people I know do), but still, the day after (like today) the hangover is quite awful, especially at work. Going out with this kind of people, or at least doing it in this way, is not doing me good. I follow suit.

And another thing I need to give up is nail biting..last week I basically tore apart half of my left index finger's nail. I keep on doing it over and over again just as a habit (it's not even a matter of being nervous) and the longest I've managed without doing that was 2 or 3 weeks.

It sounds bad, but I'm growing the idea that I need to go to the gym (again!). I've started many times, but basically always because someone prompted me to..it wasn't an idea of mine. This time it is, I'm worried, though, that gym will turn out to be boring, as it always did to me. Is it worth investing little money in buying a little mp3 player to bring with me?

Talking about this stuff, and also considering that next month I might be able to buy me something (if I don't drain all the money in Christmas presents)...
Technology is leaving me. My camera's battery has officially died, my earphones are nearly broken (the sound level depends on how twisted the cable is), my laptop freezes from time to time, my mobile is just old (almost had it for 5 years)..and well I do have an IPod, but I would be surprised if it didn't fall apart yet (it dates back from June 2005)...
On the bright side, a new mp3 player with earphones shouldn't cost a fortune, so does a simple mobile and maybe a free tune-up of my laptop will improve its performance..so well, I might as well financially survive the moment when my dear old stuff will be gone.

At theatre classes I had quite a bad moment as I was impersonating a nervy character; I eventually became quite anxious myself, connecting with unpleasant situations of my life, it felt as if the blood had been drained from my limbs, blood pressure went down and I was sweating out of pure anxiety. That is the kind of energy I am looking for on the stage, though.

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