16 August 2011

Where to turn?

I'm always full of doubts...she said she doesn't want to see me anymore, and I understand and respect that.
Yet, how should I go around this issue? Can I hope to recover or at least control my bouts quickly enough to actually try and recuperate her? Should I try to confine these down moments to myself and my therapist and try to avoid talking about them with other people? I am afraid that if someone gets to know me well, if I want to have a very good friend, or a new girlfriend, then hiding this from them will actually blow them away when they find out?
On the other hand, if I just decide to let go completely on her, I would be mentally more free, which in itself I don't know whether is a good thing.

Let go or hang on?

Apart from that, confining the negative bouts to myself and the people that can help me will definitely improve my (social) life.

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