26 August 2011


Just a quick update.
I got back with my girlfriend (almost mistyped grillfriend there...my body needs asado, good thing the next one I will be sharing with my parents!)..we talked over and over about the things which weren't working and I'm confident it will get better; it's a bit strange, it's like going back to normal, I feel so good when I'm with her, but when I'm alone it feels like we're apart again...???
On Monday I met with some "tanos" (Italian) friends of mine. Which was great. Ages spanned from 23 (me, youngest) to 50ish...but yeah we all lived a bit around the world and are somehow involved with an Argentine woman hahah..so yeah that makes us understand each other A LOT more. On the other hand, I completely forgot to talk again to Martin the Swede, or Guido, for that matter...I'm so bad with friends/acquaintances. All about saying we'll do this and that, and then I just forget to keep in contact! I can't follow it up!

Then, my parents are coming around tomorrow..the couch is going to be ready, I only hope I can get the transportation because I was a bit late with that since I have to book a van a two guys to move the couch, basically. Got some special food for my mama, who is intolerant wheat, eggs and milk...hope all goes well and that we eat a lot of meat haha..I'm getting a bit stressed out nonetheless, because I want them to have a good time here..we'll see. Because of this arrival, the make-up with my gf and the imminent receivement of the residence permit, my mood is swinging soooo strong and fast...
We'll see what next!

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