17 August 2011


I felt the urge to watch some films to fill my thirst of knowledge and feelings. Monday I went to the Gaumont Cinema (Av. Rivadavia 1635, basically on plaza del Congreso) to watch "El fin del Potemkin", a documentary on the life story of two of the sailors (working for an Argentine-USSR fishing company) who became stranded, paperless and without a penny following the downfall of the USSR; the company they worked for lost the government support and couldn't pay what they owed to these sailors. Some managed to go back home (back home to countries which didn't formerly exist), but some couldn't. The subject of the documentary is darn interesting, everything is well described, but it underachieves greatly at inducing reflections in the spectator, in my humble opinion. I left the cinema with the bitter aftertaste that this film could've told me much more, that the story could've been digged into a bit more.

Tomorrow, I'm going to watch the famous "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang at the MALBA cinema (10pm). They will be showing a special edition of the film, which contains scenes which were cut from the original version. This film was thought to be lost but was found in Buenos Aires recently.
The film will be shown tomorrow and the next Thursday 25 at the same hour (10pm).
No surprise with this oldie, but it will be nice to watch it on the big screen.

Oh, and I got invited to the theatre (going to see Hamlet) on Saturday..going with my ex...I told her I couldn't make on Friday (hoping to go have a few pints with someone at the Santelmo pubs); she didn't get the hint and proposed going to theatre on Saturday. Oh well she has the buy-1-get-1-free deal, so it's ok!

Lots of culture this week!

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