21 September 2011

People that piss me off

Seriously, I hate behind-the-back-talking, or however you call it. Even if it doesn't directly involve me, but involves people I know. I seriously hate that need that some people have to create their own group and validate it by taking the piss off the rest, looking down on the rest. Am I the dumbest being on earth, for not needing to do that, that I rather feel sorry for someone instead of laughing on him? As I walk past their computers, they suddendly hide their MSN windows to avoid me reading, one day I'll just come up to them and say that they don't need to hide it, for christ's sake I am not that stupid that I can't see it!
It seriously pisses me off that I have to work with so many people like this, that I actually tend to just look the other way, plug my headphones and focus on the work. Which in a sense would be alright if it wasn't that it really sours and embitters my day that I have to spend 9 hours per day with this class of people. It's just that I can't stand small, shallow talk that distracts me from work. All those little fellas that share uni, friends, job, blah blah blah...It's like, work hard, party hard. But no, there's so much fucking around! In 6 months or so I'm so fucking getting another job!
I regret having tried to befriending these people...I might be a dead serious, bitter, socially inept cheapskate, but I like to be around people I like, heck!
What the fuck are you always laughing about?

Blah..I should stop doing this...close myself in the office and open myself outside. It's not going to last long (they've already people being laid off because they didn't get along with coworkers...) but for now I will have to endure it.

And please, put some decent music on, FFS! Not some rap crap at 10am...

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