16 September 2011


Well, party tonight at mine's! I hope it gets well, I'm slightly concerned because the weather is going to be miserable and I do not have enough glasses for everyone but well, it's not formal so whatever...contrary to many people's opinion, I WILL make lasagne.

I also got confirmation of the temporary residence permit! And a pay rise! Wow!

I went to the therapist in a very good mood and it was a bit strange but it was a constructive session still, figuring out how it takes experience to actually manage a house and after all, I'm living on my own since not long ago. And how important it is to be open, understand not only someone else's opinion but also their reasons behind it, the steps they take in making such decision. Since the moment I am confident my parents know why I'm here, what's going on with me, I'm understanding better their point of view and I am concerned about my professional future.

It's hard for me to be open to criticism, even the constructive one.

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