9 September 2011

Ok then

Well, obviously that thing I wrote on Wednesday was, well, something I wrote during one of my "downs" which eventually happen less frequently but still affect me.
It's not nice, though, or encouraging, that often that happens when I have a -as little as it may be- fight with Sofía. It's like I am still too dependent on that for my morale to be high. Which sucks. On the other hand I try to do stuff and think about my future now that I've got the residence permit.
Well, as I discussed this with my counsellor, there a lot of complex issues -problems- which look unsolvable when taken as a whole. I need to break them down in parts and figure out how to solve them one by one. I figured this out when thinking about the relationship with my parents, but it works out well as a general strategy. I need to focus and be more resolute.
On the other hand, I got quite a verbal battering from Sofía last night as she came for dinner last night. It's just that I go throwing stuff around the house and forgetting about them, so that the main areas are acceptably clean and maintained but the laundry room and closet are utterly messy and filthy. It's just that I can't be bothered to tidy it up...
I haven't planned much for the weekend, I hope something comes up with Mariano, Guido or someone else..I have to set up well the house still..waiting for the washing machine, have to buy some stools, print the photos and buy some more frames...and possibly buy an iron (yeah very masculine I know)...
Well, we'll see and hope to stay on a high for a while!

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