3 February 2012

Two goals

With a delay of approximately one month, and with a great deal of indecisiveness, I finally set my two goals for the year.
Getting a better, more satisfying job.
Getting fit. (not in the UK slang sense, that would be impossible).

I finally ditched the idea of going back to university because of its cost, mainly. I am quite short of money at the moment, with holidays coming up which I haven't paid for yet; I'm setting apart money for that, but I am not left much after I deduct my "overheads". And in a week there falls the 5-year anniversary date, which implies I have to "do" something which implies spending a sensible amount of money.

I am also trying to improve on self-confidence with my counsellor, so I can say I have got two long-term objectives. Finding a better job is also a matter of perseverance in searching and skill in sending the right CV to the right place for the right position.

Well, the great challenge now is to stick with them goals!

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