16 December 2011

I expected the sting in the tail

The feeling of actually building up something in your life is great, and I had been missing that for the last year or so.
Building up on life, on the relationship, on friends. The feeling of settling, of starting to define one's identity, comes with a sense of stability, or maybe the latter is the cause of the earlier.
I also decided, because of that, to cut down on the counselling sessions: I'll go once a fortnight instead of once a week. Which is some monetary saving, too.
There goes the important bit of the post. The rest, is just some blabbing!

So, the week I dearly dreaded is done and dusted. And I say "done and dusted" because I believe it kind of sealed a stage of my stay here in Buenos Aires.
On the same day, incidentally a Tuesday 13th (bad luck in Latin/catholic countries), my parents went back to Italy, I went to a seminar about Energy Certification (possibly a new path in my career), and I had the theatre year exhibit, which came along with some sort of performance-related stress as well as a decent amount of long-standing effort.
It all turned out nice.
I felt that my parent's trip's real drive was actually to spend some time together and make sure I was alright. I expected the sting in the tail, which normally came at the dinner table, every night before they left, patronising and briefing me about what I should do or should've done in my life.
The exhibit felt great (can't tell if it -actually- was great, ha!) and we, as a group, sensed accomplishment. Celebratory dinner is set for next Tuesday (the only day we could agree on).

And, on a side note, friends are leaving for the Christmas holidays; on one hand is sad because it means I'll be lonelier for a little while; on the other hand, goodbye/end-of-year parties and dinners are flying in!

10 days ago I didn't see me saying this but: happy times!

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