2 May 2012

Looking for a new place (small scale)

Looking for a new apartment is really bugging me.
I know I have to leave not because I'm forced to, but because it is about time I let go of a handy help (a very favourable rent for a great apartment in a great area) which admittedly made my early buenosairean life a lot easier.

I can't decide how much I want to spend for what kind of apartment.

I found out I really like to cook and having a cramped up, miserable kitchenette is not something I would quite like. But then again I would need to find a nicer apartment (the shabby ones don't come with such facilities), which suit my budget only if located in areas relatively far from where I live now (and where my gf and friends live)...that is, unless I can increase the allocated budget for rent, therefore cutting down on other stuff...that is, unless I manage to get a few pesos in from a part-time job, ideally related to languages.

And then when would the ideal time to move be? Would it be now, or in a few months?

That's a lot of variables there..still too many.

I just need to get my stuff right, I've got plenty to do and it has been like this for a long time...

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